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Photo of Woodhull Hospital origami tree, under the direction of Bob Stack


  • 'Tis the Season to Fold Paper! (Overview of origami Christmas trees, including a new moneyfolds decorated tree for Malcolm Forbes)
  • Thank You, Ted! (Ted Bond steps down as Editor of the newsletter)
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Bent Out of Shape
  • The Teacher's Teacher by Anna Lee Culp (4th grade class visits the Origami Center)
  • Akira Yoshizawa's Style by James M. Sakoda, reprinted from FOLD
  • Diagramming--Part I by Robert Lang
  • British Origami Society Convention by Jan Polish
  • Crossword by Douglas Schachnow


  • Exhibition Announcements:
    • Origami Holiday Tree at the American Museum
    • Origami By Children and the Exhibition in the Window at Japan Air Lines
    • Peace Tree at Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  • News from the Home Office
    • Lending Library; Monthly Folding Meetings; Convention Program '89; "Models By Members" published; Notice of Board Elections; Special Sessions; Folding Fund Fest
    • New Look for Membership Cards (Thanks to Shirley Goebel Christie for 10 years of hand-lettered cards)
  • News From Members
    • Items about Dave Brill; Milton Lederman; Harry Eagle; Stephen Weiss; Maria Susana Tanaka de Arashiro (Buenos Aires) by Thea Iervolino; Fourth Graders send 1,000 Cranes to both President Reagan and Premier Gorbachev; Eunice Lew; Cyril Tessier; florence Temko; Steve and Megumi Biddle visit the Home Office; Publication announced for The Complete Book of Origami by Robert Lang; Alice Gray in Discover Magazine; Brad Blumenthal on electronic mail correspondence; Carter Andrews and other brief stories.
  • News from Regional Groups
    • Reports from Western Massachusettes; PINE; cincinnati Origami Guild; San Diego group being formed.
    • List of Regional Groups and Meetings
  • Tips and Techniques
    • Self-healing cutting mats; Ultra Bright paper; Paper by the Pound
    • Paper, Paper Everywhere and Not a Sheet to Fold by Gay Merrill Gross


  • Dinosaur by Rachel Katz, diagrams and text by Mark Kennedy, adapted from the author's originals
  • Heart With Wings by Francois Ziegler, diagrams and text by Mark Kennedy, adapted from the author's originals
  • Bendagon by Craig Macdonald, diagrams by Carol Ann Wilk, text by Mark Kennedy

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