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Photos: Alice Gray. Photos by American Museum of Natural History


  • "We Miss You, Shining Alice"
  • The Making of the Holiday Tree by Alice Gray, originally published in 1975.
  • Mark Turner, 1954-1994 by Robert J. Lang
  • On the Tsuru Trail - Honolulu by Marcia Mau
  • Why Paperfolding? by V'Ann Cornelius
  • Book Reviews
    • Dragon by Tom Stamm, reviewed by Ros Joyce
    • Origami, Plain and Simple models by Robert Neale, text and diagrams by Thomas Hull, reviewed by Gay Merrill Gross
  • Origamists on the Trail! (cartoon) by Milada Blahova (Czech Republic)


  • From the Home-Office
    • Committees
    • President's Report by Jean Baden-Gillette
    • Letters rom our readers: The First Origami CD-I Disc - Update (Laurent D'Haeseleer); Foiled again (Brian Cole)
    • Where's That Model Published (Model Index)
    • New Name for The Friends
    • New Policy for Regional Groups
    • Introducing our New Administrator, Risa Miller
  • In Lillian's Time...
  • Origami by Children '94
  • News from Members
    • News or updates from: Lisa Sandler (PA); Gay Merrill Gross (NY); Dee Lynch (CO); Jean Schuster (WA); Carolyn Young (CO); Tony Cheng (NY); Martin David Kruskal (NJ)
  • Regional Group News
    • News or updates from Los Angeles, CA; Palos Verdes, CA; San Diego, CA; Santa Rosa, CA; Washington, DC; Broward/Palm Beach Counties, FL; Ocala, FL; Winter Park, FL; Boston, MA; Columbia, MO; Bergen County, NJ; Monmouth County, NJ; Long Beach, NY; Long Island, NY; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; West Valley City, UT, Edmonton, Canada.
    • Regional Group Listing
  • International Group News
    • News or updates from Israel, Spain and The Netherlands
    • International Group Listings
  • Mountains & Valleys (cartoon) by Jean-Paul Latil
  • Calendar of Events
  • New at the Supply Center


  • Shrunken Dollar by Carol Tams
  • Another Shrunken Dollar by Carol Tams
  • T-Pot by Marcia Mau
  • Hen by Peter Budai

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