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Photos: Alice Gray; Steve Abrams, Lucy Stamm and her daughter, Deborah, stuff piles of duotangs with important convention information. Photo by Ted Bond


  • The "Con" by V'Ann Cornelius
  • Dedications to Alice Gray
    • The Magic of Alice by Bernice Smith
    • Alice and the Box of "Bugs" by Joan Homewood
    • When the Chirping Stopped... by Joanne Ortman
    • In Memory of Alice by Ruthanne Bessman
    • Fold A Piece of Paper... by Anne Sidamon Eristoff, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, American Museum of Natural History
    • Memories of Alice Gray by Flora Posnik
    • Did You Know... by Judy Hall
    • Our Founding Mother by Jean Baden-Gillette
    • Alice Gray by Sam Batt
    • Remembering Alice by Bea Brewster, Secretary, Entomology Department, American Museum of Natural History
    • Tribute to a Great Lady by Gloria Farison
    • Miss Gray as written by Alfred Blanche to Judy Hall
    • Memories of Alice by Pearl Chin
    • Alice by Michael Shall
  • Convention '94: Why Do I Look Forward to the Friends' Annual Convention? by Kay Eng, with photos and input from many members
  • Gwen Williams honored at Convention '94


  • From the Home-Office
    • Committees
    • Get Wired - help with the '94 holiday tree
    • Message from the President by Jean Baden-Gillette
    • Risa's Corner
    • From the Publications Team
    • Many Thanks from the Editor
    • "Just what is in the Origami Model Index?" by V'Ann Cornelius
    • The Dinosaur Challenge
    • Revised Membership Categories and Benefits
  • From Our Readers: Why Do You Like Origami and Why? by Ruth Davis
  • In Lillian's Time...
  • News from Affiliates
    • News or updates from Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Santa Rosa, CA; Washington, DC: Ocala, FL; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Haverhill, MA; Columbia, MO; Bergen County, NJ; Monmouth County, NJ; Long Island, NY; Charlotte, NC; Athens, OH; Philadelphia, PA, West Valley City, UT, Burlington, VT, Niagara, Canada; Vancouver, Canada.
    • Regional Group Listing
  • International Group News
    • News or updates from Germany and Italy
    • International Group Listings
  • Calendar of Events
  • Mountains & Valleys by Jean-Paul Latil
  • New from Origami Source
  • Help wanted - volunteers needed
  • Origami Convention '95 announcement


  • Bat by Alice Gray
  • Curious Cat by Alice Gray

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