Origami Delightful Life

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In Japanese. Full color photographs of the models. Diagrams show clear directions. Models include Kappa-kun,chick, Tanuki-kun,pup, Penguin-kun, chick, Flopear-kun dog, Chicken-kun, Sheltie-kun, Toucan, Pelican, Crocodile, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Cymbal Monkey, Woodpecker, Shaking Head Fox, Raccoon, Shaking Head Cat, Shaking Head Siamese Cat, Turtle Vessel, Crab Case, Hippo Box, Dachshund Drawer, Horned Frog, Tubby Cat, Napping Cat, Turtle, Anglerfish, and Diving Whale

96 pp PB (LI - HI) #B20-020

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