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Ornamental Goldfish is a new edition of Ronald Koh's original booklet published by OUSA in 1994. In addition to the models in the first edition, this book includes 6 additional models. There are fourteen models of goldfish in this book, 3 from the first design (Ryuken Ver 1, Blackmoor Ver 1 and Ranchu Ver 1), 8 from the original booklet (Ryukin Ver 2, Veiltail, Wakin, Oranda, Ranchu Ver 2, Tancho Oranda Ver 1, Bubble Eyed, Blackmoor Ver 2.1) and 3 new designs (Tancho Oranda Ver 2, Ryukin Ver 3, and Jikin). The diagrams are in color to reference the front and back side of the paper and includes detail instructions in English and have the standard origami symbols.

112 pp PB (LI - HI) #B22-008