The Paper Issue 114 (Fall 2013) [pdf]

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  • The Tessellations by Frank van Kollem by Henk Porck
  • Reflections on Frank van Kollem's work by Paula Versnick
  • Un-Creased: A Farewell by Jennifer Hou
  • He Makes Clock Watchers Out of All of Us interview by Laura Rozenberg, photos by Barlaham Benitez Vargas
  • Zaragoza Convention by Ilan Garibi
  • New Location for the Spanish Museum of Paperfolding by Jorge Pardo
  • Paper Beats Iron Bars by D'ario Pedurzzi
  • How to Make a Big Splash with a Festival Origami Tent by John Scully
  • 1953—A Year of Wonders by Laura Rozenberg
  • 1853-1953 One Hundred Years of Relationship between Japan and the Western World by Laura Rozenberg
  • Special Guest at 2013 OrigamiUSA Annual Convention: Ralf Konrad


  • Letter from the President
  • 2013 OrigamiUSA Annual Convention photos by Andrew Cribb
  • Origami by Children
  • Oversize Competition
  • Cranes in a Jar
  • Ranana Benjamin and Florence Temko 2013 Awards by Rachel Katz
  • News from the Source
  • Global Events Calendar


  • Crease Pattern Tessellation by Frank van Kollem (diagrams by Paula Versnick and Eric Gjerde)
  • Tato-Flower Loes Schakel (Diagrams by Kees Schakel)
  • Nonagenarian 2013 OrigamiUSA Convention Crown by Laura Kruskal (Diagrams by Márcio Noguchi)


  • "Origami for All" by Ioana Stoian, reviewed by Sara Adams