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Jeremy Shafer (CA) is known the world over as an expert folder and patient teacher, but this world traveler, juggler, dancer, and performer recently put his quick-thinking skills to the test in an origami challenge like no other! (Story on page 4.) Photo by Susan Dugan (SC).


  • Origami Survivor: Japan by Jeremy Shafer
  • Ah Yes, We Remember It Well A Photo Essay: Glimpses of Convention 2003's Model Exhibition
  • A Wedding Story by Kathy Meyer


  • From the Home-Office
    • How I Got Started on Origami by Wendy Zeichner
  • Local-Area OrigamiUSA Groups compiled by Lori Gregory
  • International Groups compiled by Tricia Tait
  • From Our Members
    • News From Local-Area Groups: Arkansas, Massachusetts compiled by Lori Gregory
    • Tips & Techniques by Gay Merrill Gross
    • International News compiled by Tricia Tait
    • Memorial: Remembering Erica Knopper by Wendy Zeichner
    • Slaying the Dragon by Shivaram Narayanan
  • The Bulletin Board
    • OrigamiUSA Commitee Listing
    • Book & CD Reviews:
      • Crease Lightening by Mark Bolitho; reviewed by Vishakha Apte (NY)
      • Origami Land CD-Rom by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov; reviewed by Rachel Katz (NY)
    • The Origami Source
    • 2003/2004 Global Events Calendar


  • 3-D Ghost Monk by Nicolas Terry
  • Brachiosaurus by Hiroaki Takai

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