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Yoshihide Momotani's adorable Koala models on OrigamiUSA's holiday tree in the American Museum of Natural History, folded by Kyoko Kondo. For more photos of the tree see page 18. The diagram for folding the Koala model begins on page 34. Photo credit: Tony Cheng.


  • Origami-Math Meets Higher Education by Thomas Hull (MA)
  • Origami on the Inside by Marilyn Lewis (FL)
  • Notes from 4OSME by Robert Lang (CA)
  • 2006 Holiday Tree: Origami Safari!
    • 2006 Annual Gift Contributors
  • Rediscovering America by Roberto Gretter
    • An Interview with Roberto Gretter
    • An Interview with Paolo Bascetta
  • Storigami: "The Gift" by Shrikant Iyer (NY)
  • Master Yoshizawa's World by Tony Cheng (NY)
  • A Guest in Nagoya by Jan Polish (NY)


  • From the Home-Office
    • Website Update: RSS Feed Available
    • OrigamiUSA Welcomes a New Administrator
    • In Memoriam: Martin David Kruskal
  • From Our Members
    • Crane Clouds by Marilyn Hall (OR)
    • Origami in Romania by Rachel Katz (NY)
    • Teaching Crowds at the Morikami Museum by Judy Hall (FL)
  • Sightings Compiled by Janet Hamilton (NJ)
  • Crease Pattern Corner by Robert J. Lang (CA) and Jason Ku (MA)
  • Tips & Techniques by Gay Merrill Gross (NY)
  • Book Reviews: Project Origami by Thomas Hull
  • News from The Source
  • 2007 Global Events Calendar


  • Fleximasu by Paolo Bascetta (Italy)
  • Tetramasu by Paolo Bascetta (Italy)
  • Star Flower by Roberto Gretter (Italy)
  • Genève Vase by Roberto Gretter (Italy)
  • Pram by Roberto Gretter (Italy)
  • Koala by Yoshihide Momotani (Japan)
  • Pigeon by Seth Friedman (NY)
  • Modular by Paolo Bascetta (Italy)
  • Bag by Paolo Bascetta (Italy)
  • Bunny by Marc Kirschenbaum (NY)

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