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Three origami artists share their talents with 21 models to challenge the advanced folder. Satoshi Kamiya models include Cattle, White Rhinoceros, Japanese Serow, Raven, Ant, Lucanus maculifemoratua, and Winged Kirin. Kyohei Katsuta models include Flapping Long-tailed Tit, Elephant, Fox Cub, Siberian Flying Squirrel, Raccoon, Owl, Cockroach, Chicken, and Bactrian Camel. Chuya Miyamoto models include Egg, Puffin, Java Sparrow, Spectacled Bear, and Griffin. DIagrams are in color to differentiate both sides of the paper and have traditional folding symbols as well as Japanese directions. Crease patterns are also provided with the diagrams. Models have incredible detail and color photos show close up shots of feet of most models and the head of Bactrian Camel and Winged Kirin.

192 pp. PB. (HI-C) #B22-011