On-Site Accommodations at FIT

We are pleased to be able to offer reasonably priced accommodations at the Convention site, beginning the night of Wednesday, June 22 through the night of Tuesday, June 28. This housing is in basic (bed, dresser, desk) student dormitories and suites, in secure, air-conditioned, elevator buildings right across the street from the Convention building.

Each dormitory room has two single beds, and access to common bathrooms (with private shower stalls). The suites have two bedrooms, each with two single beds, and a private kitchenette and bath. Cooking is allowed, but no utensils are provided. See housing form for cost.

You have the option of sharing your room with others or staying alone. FIT charges us by bed, not by person. Therefore, if you choose to stay alone in a dorm room, half suite or whole suite, you must pay for the unused beds. The costs for the different rooming options are as follows:

Staying in the dorms

  • $65 per night if sharing (you may choose your roommate or ask us to find one for you)
  • $130 per night if you want the entire room to yourself

Staying in the suites

  • $85 per night if sharing (you may choose your roommates and/or ask us to find ones for any unfilled beds)
  • $170 per night if you want one half of the suite to yourself (you may choose the people in the other suite room and/or ask us to find ones for any unfilled beds)
  • $340 per night if you want the entire suite to yourself

You must provide your own linen: sheets, pillowcase and towels, plus pillow and blanket. If luggage space is tight, we will arrange to pre-purchase linen for our members at K-Mart. The cost will be $22 for a twin size sheet set (fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase) and towel set (wash cloth, hand towel, bath towel). The cost for a standard size pillow and twin size blanket will be $22. The cost for all items will be $44. At the end of the convention you can keep the items, or we will arrange to donate them to a shelter or other worthy facility. Because we must place our order with K-Mart well in advance, no linens may be ordered after June 10.

Coin laundry facilities are available. There are pay telephones on every floor, and lounge areas in each building with television, etc.

FIT has a very strict no-alcohol no-drugs policy for all housing areas. Please respect their rules.

All FIT housing forms must be sent in as early as possible. We will not be able to guarantee housing for forms received after June 6. If you cancel your FIT housing after June 6, we will refund your money only if we can re-rent your room. We make a sizable financial commitment to FIT to secure housing, and late forms substantially increase our costs and volunteer effort requirement. We have therefore added a charge for forms received after May 31 - please see the housing form for details.

FIT Housing is being handled by Martha Winslow-Cole. If you have any questions about accommodations, write to her at 5222 Duck Springs Road, Attalla, AL 35954, or call her at (256) 538-9727. She can also be reached via email at convention-housingAorigamiusa.org.

If you prefer to fill out and mail your housing forms, they should be mailed directly to Martha Winslow-Cole, not to the Home Office. Please make sure that you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your housing confirmation or a legible email address for an electronic confirmation.

Local Area Hotels

If you prefer to stay at a hotel, here are several in the immediate area of FIT: