I cannot attend this event. Will I be able to get a recording?
Yes, everyone who registers will receive a link to all the recordings after the event. You must register to get the recordings. Recordings will be released by Sunday May 7, 1:00pm EDT. Further details here.
I will miss seeing my Convention friends this year and folding with them. Any suggestions?
We suggest getting together with your local Community Origami Group or your Convention friends virtually. There are many ways to connect. Visit our Calendar of Events to see current online gatherings or to schedule your own. For FoldFest, we've also organized a virtual community space at Gather.town where you'll be able to interact with others in the community. Visit the Gather.town page for details.
Are there going to be more online events?
Yes! We will be hosting more online events! We hold origami classes throughout the year with Origami Connect (see upcoming events and registration information). In addition, there are many online events organized by folders around the world listed on our Calendar of Events.