Convention 2008 Photos on Website

We’ve now put up the first of what will be several galleries of images from Convention 2008 (this set taken by professional photographer Andrew Cribb). Take a look (click on the first obvious link on this page):

There’s about 100 wonderful photos that Andrew has taken of the exhibition. Assorted candids and shots from classes are still to come. Enjoy the gallery! If you click on any of the thumbnail images, it launches a self-running slideshow of the images on that page (you’ll have to jump to the next page of thumbnails to see the next slideshow).

In related news, we’re looking for a website photo editor whose responsibility would be to create galleries like this from collections of photographs and their captions and to put them into website galleries on the new site. (We’ve got LOTS of photographs to upload.) No fancy web skills are needed; there is a nice web-based interface – if you’ve ever uploaded an image to a site like flickr, you’ve got all the experience you need. If you’re interested in helping with the website in this way (or even think you might be interested), please contact us and we’ll talk about how to get you started.