In preparation for OrigamiUSA's online Convention 2021, we are soliciting submissions for the official Convention logo artwork, which will be used on T-shirts, the website, and a few other places.

In keeping with the volunteer-based character of the Convention, there's no payment for this, but the selected artist will receive:

  • Prominent artist credit on the website
  • The satisfaction of seeing a whole bunch of origami people wearing your artwork (for years to come)
  • The thanks of everyone involved in Convention 2021!

We are requesting three pieces of artwork that should all work together:

  1. A T-shirt image
  2. A custom image for the sub-menu on the website
  3. A small tile image that will be used on the home page and elsewhere.

Submissions are via a form (see link below). The artwork needs to satisfy a number of criteria for usability, so please read through the detailed requirements below before you submit.

General principles for all submissions: the artwork should be beautiful and distinctive, of course. If you use images of an origami artist's work, you should be sure to get their permission before submitting (it's the courteous thing to do). Since Convention 2021 will be online-only, visual references to the online character would not be out of place, but we don't want to limit artists' creativity; all ideas are welcome.

Artwork Requirements

1. T-shirt Image

The T-shirt image will be printed on solid-color T-shirts in Unisex crew-neck and Ladies v-neck styles. We ask you to submit a sample image that is smaller than the final image; if your artwork is selected, we will then ask for the final image.

Sample image requirements

  • File size: <2 MB.
  • Image format: .pdf, .jpg, or .png.
  • Image size: 5:6 aspect ratio.
  • Must include the words "OrigamiUSA Convention 2021".
  • Artwork should use PMS/spot colors (Pantone Solid Coated, since the shirts will be screen-printed), not process colors.
  • Use no more than three spot colors (in addition to the background t-shirt color). Note that black and white count as spot colors.
  • In your submission include a list of the PMS colors used in the artwork.
  • No more than 50% of the total image area should be covered with a spot color (i.e., at least 50% of image area should be the background t-shirt only)
  • The T-shirt color must be one of these colors:

Color names: Black, Charcoal, Graphite Heather, Sports Grey, Navy, Royal, Sapphire, Purple. Please give the shirt color by name in your submission.

Note: your artwork file should be the image that goes on the T-shirt; it should not include the outline of the T-shirt nor margin space around the artwork.

Final image requirements

The final artwork will be requested only if your work is selected. The final image must be:

  • File size: <5 MB.
  • Image format: .jpg, .png, .pdf, .ai, .psd, .eps.
  • Max image size: 10" wide x 12" tall.

Some examples of past T-shirt artwork are:

2. Submenu Artwork

The submenu artwork will be used on all Convention 2021 web pages. It should be artistically related to the T-shirt artwork. It will be located just below the OrigamiUSA logo on the website (upper left, if viewing via desktop).

  • Image format: .png.
  • Image size: 1200 x 200px.
  • Background color should be a solid color, with no added border, not black or white (ideally, the same color as the T-shirt color, but any color is OK as long as it's not black or white).
  • Include the words "Convention 2021" but not "OrigamiUSA".
  • Words and artwork should run all the way to the edges of the image (i.e., don't add extra border within the image). The image will be embedded within a larger region of the background color.
  • The image will appear at sizes ranging from 1200px width down to 200px wide. It should not contain fine detail that will be lost at the smallest sizes.

Some examples of submenu artwork are here:

3. Tile Artwork

The tile artwork will be used on the website home page for Current News announcements and possibly elsewhere.

  • Image format: .png.
  • Image size: 512 x 384px.
  • No constraints on color scheme, but it should blend harmoniously with the submenu and T-shirt artwork.
  • Must contain the text "Convention 2021". "OrigamiUSA" is optional.

Examples of tile artwork can be seen in the Current News section of the OrigamiUSA home page.


To submit artwork, please fill out the form below, uploading the t-shirt sample image, submenu artwork, and tile artwork with your submission.

You may make multiple submissions, each on its own submission form. They should be distinctly different; please don't make multiple submissions with small differences between them.

Please make your submissions by February 26, 2021. We will inform everyone who submitted of the outcome by mid-March.