OrigamiUSA is pleased to announce our new online magazine for members! The Fold is an online-only magazine, accessed through the OrigamiUSA website at http://origamiusa.org/thefold (or look for the menu item PUBLICATIONS>The Fold). The Fold is a new publication, separate from The Paper, with its own content including articles, reviews, and of course, diagrams and folding instructions! Being online-only, we can offer unique features that would be much more challenging in a conventional print publication; for example, our very first issue contains examples of combining diagrams with videos and the start of a how-to series on origami videos.

Starting TODAY, The Fold is available on the website with the first four articles from issue 1; additional articles in this issue will appear over the next month and a half, and subsequent issues will be published every two months. One of the things that online publication allows is continuous, rapid publication, so for each issue, new articles will be posted as soon as they are ready; you will be able to read new articles as they appear throughout the year, not just at two-month intervals. (In order to get automatically notified when new content is posted, you can subscribe to our RSS feed, see below.)

The Fold is a publication for current members of OrigamiUSA, and in order to access most of its content, you will need to sign in to the OrigamiUSA website with a username and password and have a current membership. Starting November 11, you will see a LOGIN link on the home page of the site for signing in. On November 11, a letter was mailed to every OrigamiUSA member containing their new username and password (if they have an email address on file with us) or instructions for obtaining a username and password (if they don't). All members should be getting the letter.

If you can't wait that long (or haven't gotten the letter), here's how you can get your username/password quickly:

(1) If you have an email address as part of your OrigamiUSA membership, you can go to the "retrieve password" page, enter your email address, and both your username and a one-time login link will be emailed to you that will allow you to log in and reset your own password.

(2) If you don't yet have an email address on file with us but are a current member, you can sign up for a username/password combination here; then send an email to us with your username, email address, and membership number (we don't need your password) to admin [at] origamiusa.org, and we'll turn on your access (and email you back when it's on).

Note: if you already have an email address on file but want to change it, first retrieve your login information with the existing email; then you can log in and change your email to your desired new email address.

And if you're not an OrigamiUSA member and want to learn more before joining, please visit The Fold anyhow; you can check out the titles and summaries of articles, and we are pleased to offer some articles as open-access, meaning that any visitor to the OrigamiUSA website can view them whether you are a member or not. You'll see which ones are open-access in the article listing.

The newly-formed team of The Fold, led by Managing Editor Jason Ku and a team of contributing editors have been working very hard these last few months to make this happen (ably assisted by the codesmithing dwarves of the website team). We hope you enjoy The Fold, and welcome your ideas, suggestions, and, most of all, contributions! Please send any and all inquiries about the publication to thefold [at] origamiusa.org.

If you are having problems with your membership or website access, please send queries to admin [at] origamiusa.org.

To access The Fold online, please visit: http://www.origamiusa.org/thefold.

To subscribe to the RSS feed for The Fold, point your reader to feed://www.origamiusa.org/thefold_rss_feed.

For other questions about The Fold or online web accounts, please check out our lists of Frequently Asked Questions.