Seeking New Lending Library Manager - Volunteer

Update: we have several candidates and are evaluating them. Thanks to all who responded!

After 14 years of managing the Lending Library, deg farrelly is retiring from this position. We are grateful to deg for this work. Thank you, deg!

We are looking for a new manager for the Lending Library. Here is some information about it.

We are also launching a new service called the Library Excerpt Service which would allow members to request and receive an electronic excerpt from a book in the Lending Library. Here is a description.


  • Location in the continental United States (you can be anywhere!)
  • Interest in origami books.
  • Space in your home to store and organize 250 - 300 origami books and periodicals (approximately 1 bookcase).
  • Easy access to the Internet for email and uploading to the OrigamiUSA website.

Tasks (Job Description)

  • Mail out books that are requested.
  • Set up a PO Box to receive books that are being returned.
  • Scan and upload documents that are requested via the Library Excerpt Service. We expect this new service to be very popular and that it will be the main focus of the Lending Library going forward. (OrigamiUSA will be able to provide a scanner if you do not have one.)
  • Keeping track of requests and reporting to the CEO on an as needed basis (usually monthly).
  • Evaluate potential new books to add to the Lending Library (these are usually duplicates from our Research Library managed by Ros Joyce).

This is a great opportunity for someone who loves origami to have this amazing resource in your home. Books in the Lending Library are either out of print or not sold by The Source.

If you are interested, please send an email to lending-library [at]