The Source has new books and paper!

The Source has received new books and paper. There are new items for every interest (from modulars to money folding) and every folding level. To see detailed descriptions of the new items, go to, click on the link to shop The Source, then choose the link for new items. Shop soon to assure you get a copy!

New items include:

Crane Paper - a pattern of folded cranes and cherry blossoms
Origami on the Edge by Xander Arena
Origami You Can Use by Rick Beech
Origami Toys by Paul Jackson
Beginner's Book of Modular Origami Polyhedra by Gurkewitz and Arnstein
Easy Christman Origami by John Montroll
Money Origami by Michael LaFosse
Origami Bonsai by Benjamin John Coleman
Origami Games by Joel Stern
Origami Essence by Roman Diaz
The Guide to Island-Style Origami by Jodi Fukumoto
Origami by Paolo Bascetta
Genuine Origami Root 2 by Jun Maekawa
Unit Origami Essence by Tomoko Fuse

A PDF version of items for sale at The Source is available for download as well.