Saturday, April 6, 2024, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT
Jon Tucker
Kathleen Sheridan
Jon Tucker

Box-O and Cube Friend are designs I created experimenting with making creatures based on geometric shapes. The core shapes for them are a rectangular prism and a cube. A well-known challenge in origami design is creating single-sheet 3D shapes, and normally a lot of paper is hidden to lock them together, but here it gets used for things like arms and legs that bring the shapes alive. While they are very cute, the mix of delicate 3D shapes and more traditional flat limbs requires some care and skill to fold well. Students should be able to fold at least at a high intermediate level, and be prepared to fold crisp and accurate creases.


Box-O: 1 8 inch or 10 inch square of kami
Cube Friend: 1 6 inch square of kami