Sunday, February 21, 2016, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST
Ekaterina (Kate) Lukasheva

Join us for a presentation and class by Ekaterina Lukasheva. This workshop features the Utopia origami modular designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva. The modular has distorted pyramids that seem to float separately from the body of the model. Since they are not at the surface, Kate named the module Utopia which can be translated from the Greek as “no place” (ou="not” + topos="place"). In addition to teaching the model, Kate will explain the idea behind the module and how it can be folded from various paper sizes. She will also give a glimpse into her creation process.

The module can be used to create shapes from 3, 6, 12, 30 units (and more). The class will show the construction for 30 or 12 units. The 30-piece model will not be completed during the 2-hour event, but attendees will have the information to complete the model on their own.

Participants need:
Paper recommended for each unit is a 1 x 2 ratio (5cm x 10cm). The preference is for relatively thick paper such as Elephant Hide or Stardream. Tant will also work, but the thicker paper is easier. Constructing the model from kami will not work since it is too thin.

Ekaterina Lukasheva is the author of the book Kusudama Origami. Her second book was recently published in October, 2015 and is called Modern Kusudama Origami. Kate’s website is members can read an interview with Kate on The Fold