Friday, October 29, 2021, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EDT
Melina Hermsen
Kathleen Sheridan
Melina Hermsen

How are new forms of paper folding developed? We have been introduced to quite a few different types of origami, from some of the most traditional (like representational), to new innovations (like tessellations), and there will be more types to come before World Origami Days are over! A somewhat different take on creating a new approach is to combine various forms.

Melina combines tessellations with representational origami. Continuing with our holiday theme, you will be using a triangular grid to fold one molecule of her pumpkin tessellation (as shown in the picture).


Pre-Creased triangular grid 1:32 parallel to the longer side of the paper;
Use the diagram for my Butterfly (in supplemental materials), in the first steps (1-19) a 1:16 grid is folded. Repeat steps 16-18 one more time for a 1:32 grid.
Paper: Elephant Hide or similar; strong and stiff.
Size: around DinA4 or A4/US Letter paper (or bigger (rectangle, just a bit longer than a square);

Supplemental materials