Monday, October 25, 2021, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EDT
Xander Perrot
Kathleen Sheridan
Xander Perrot

Modular, or unit, origami uses two or more sheets of paper to create a larger and more complex structure than would be possible using single-piece origami techniques. Each sheet of paper is folded into a module or unit, and then modules are assembled into an integrated flat shape or three-dimensional structure. These structures often have very clever folded interlocking systems of tabs and pockets.

In this class, you will learn to fold a 30 unit modular origami model with a structure that is reminiscent of a virus (what more appropriate for these pandemic times?) The model is folded from 30 rectangles of paper in 1:√3 proportion and does not require any adhesive for assembly. It has a very robust locking mechanism created by the folding sequence so once complete you can even hand it to someone else to look at without fear that it will fall apart!

In the class we will show how to fold the units and put some together as well as guidance on the full assembly, but there will not be time to fold all 30 units so you will need to complete the model in your own time after class. Note: It is not possible to create a smaller assembly than 30 pieces with this unit.


15 squares of paper, which will each be cut into two 1:√3 rectangles;
Scissors/cutting tool;
OR 30 rectangles in proportion 1:√3 if you wish to prepare in advance.
Paper with a different colour on each side is recommended because both sides of the paper will show.