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Mailing Lists and Social Networks

The internet has created many opportunities for sharing origami and making connections to fellow folders, including social networks, video and photo sharing, and more.


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Our page is set up and can be accessed here. If you have any images or video you would like added, click here to join our group and upload your photos to the pool.

OrigamiUSA Members List

OrigamiUSA maintains its own internet mailing list; while all origami topics are welcome and represented, this list was created to provide a forum for OrigamiUSA and its members to exchange communications pertaining specifically to matters of interest of OrigamiUSA. Here's where you'll find information on conventions, elections, as well as tips, techniques, and general Q&A about origami matters.

Join the member's mailing list here. You'll need to be a current member and signed into your website account.

Read the procedural and posting guidelines for the Members' list.

Origami-L Mailing List

While not sponsored by OrigamiUSA, the Origami-L mailing list (commonly abbreviated as "the o-list") is the granddaddy of all origami mailing lists (and may in fact be one of the oldest continuously-operating mailing lists on the entire internet!). Founded by Brad Blumenthal at the University of Texas in 1988, the o-list is currently maintained and moderated by Joseph Wu and Anne LaVin and includes members from around the world. For details on joining, please visit its home page, at

Please note: the list is public - anyone may join - but only subscribed members can send messages to the list.

The Origami Forum

Saj Khan's Origami Forum has an active community with discussions in many diverse topic areas, organized into independent threads by topic.