What is the difference between the Research Library and the Lending Library?

The Lillian Oppenheimer Research Library is a non-traveling collection housed at the Home Office and only available by direct appointment. See here for details. The Lending Library consists of books that can be loaned out and is operated through the mails. See here for details.

Where is the research library located?

The research library is located in the OrigamiUSA Home Office, in the American Museum of Natural History, in New York City.

Who can use the library?

Any current member of OrigamiUSA can visit and use the Reference Library.

How do I get access to the research library?

You must fill out the online request form and make an appointment.

Can I borrow books from the research library?

No; as the library is a research library, books must remain in the library.

Can I just drop by to visit the research library?

No. The Home Office is a small space that has many OrigamiUSA activities ongoing, and therefore we cannot accommodate drop-in visits.