Volunteer Job Description:

The Fold ( https://origamiusa.org/thefold) is the online magazine of OrigamiUSA with mostly different content from the other OrigamiUSA publications (The Paper, The Collection and the Website).

The Managing Editor of The Fold is responsible for all aspects of publishing The Fold six times a year. The Managing Editor of The Fold is also the Managing Director  (MD) for "The Fold Committee". There are no additional responsibilities as MD; it is just an additional title, since all OrigamiUSA Committees are led by a Managing Director (also referred to as the Committee Chair).

There are several Editors for The Fold who report to the Managing Editor. The Managing Editor needs to review the current list of editors, recruit and provide guidance and training for the Editors. The new Managing Editor will define tasks, guidelines and requirements for an Editor’s participation in The Fold.

Each issue of The Fold is finalized at 2-month intervals. There are usually one to four postings of articles in between each finalization of an issue. For examples, please review The Fold website.

The Fold is a benefit of membership in OrigamiUSA, to help encourage folks to join. Therefore, many articles in The Fold are accessible only to members. With that understanding, authors have the option of deciding if their article should be for members only or available for public viewing.

With printed publications, we provide a copy of the publication to authors and editors. Since The Fold is online, and many articles are only available to members, we provide two months of online OrigamiUSA membership for each author-submitted article.

Submissions for The Fold come in either through the online submissions system here: https://origamiusa.org/submissions or are managed with emails directly to the Managing Editor. While each publication's content is different, there are cases where an author would like to publish (or re-publish) in more than one place, and this is allowed.

Additional details about the job will be provided upon application.


Tasks for this job include:

  • Recruit authors and editors for articles.
  • Edit, upload, and format articles. Formatting includes:
    • Adding copyright notice at bottom of diagrams.
    • Decreasing photo and PDF sizes as needed.
    • More extensive editing/formatting as required.
    • Some work with HTML commands.
  • Seek help from website team members as needed.
  • Award membership months to authors/editors.
  • Publish articles.
  • Send email to membership announcing postings of articles and finalization of issues of The Fold.


Requirements for this job:

  • Patience and persistence in following up with authors and editors to make sure work is moving forward and meets the bimonthly deadline.
  • Willingness to contact a variety of people in the origami community.
  • Comfortable working with computers and willingness to learn more about the processes required for publishing an online magazine.


Time and Effort:

This job takes approximately 15 hours/month.


Submitted by: Wendy Zeichner

Can be anywhere, with some preference to the USA
The Fold