Books by Author

Giraffe weevil

Giraffe Weevil [pdf]


Many Modes of Origami Models [pdf]

Learning Mathematics with Origami, Tung Ken Lam and Sue Pope, Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Learning Mathematics with Origami [pdf]


Brachiosaurus - Second Design [pdf]

Asterope Kusudama

Asterope Kusudama [pdf]


The Paper Issue 124 (Summer 2017) [pdf]

"Origami New Worlds" cover

Origami New Worlds [pdf]

Two folded vessels in bronze wire mesh

Folding Wire Mesh - Diagrams and Instructions Plus Notes from Friday Class PCOC La 2017 [pdf]


Owl [pdf]


Rooster [pdf]

3D Ninja Star Tessellation

3D Ninja Star Tessellation [pdf]


The Paper Issue 125 (Fall 2017) [pdf]

Zorg animal Lioren

Zorg Will Defeat ! but Not Right Now ... [pdf]


Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Collection 2017 [pdf]

gif animation demonstration

Kermit - Very Simple Action Model [pdf]


The Paper Issue 126 (Spring 2018) [pdf]


2018 Origami Collection [pdf]


Kiss Emoticon [pdf]


The Paper Issue 127 (Summer 2018) [pdf]

Compound of Three Cubes

Compound of Three Cubes [pdf]