Convention 2017
Event time
Sunday, June 25, 2017, 10:00 am – 11:45 am EDT
Heidi Steiger
Heidi Steiger
Special requirements
Special preparation or special materials--details in Class Descriptions/Advisories

This model is folded using only the creases from a 16 by 16 grid with diagonals. Once the grid is folded, no new creases will be made. The model requires 25 squash folds. In the collapse, there are many flaps that look very similar and can be confusing. The center of the model is prone to ripping which is why I recommended you come with a well folded grid on a durable paper that you feel comfortable folding with (I will be using Tant). Only one side of the paper will be shown except for four triangles in the center of the rose. This is a difficult model to teach because some steps are hidden under flaps and many of the flaps look similar. I will do my best to help you learn it, but I also encourage you to think for yourself.