Convention 2017
Event time
Sunday, June 25, 2017, 2:00 pm – 4:45 pm EDT
Wensdy Whitehead
Wensdy Whitehead
Special requirements

Learn a very flexible unit that makes hexagonal rings that can be linked together. A Ring of Rings: Twelve Doubly Linked Hexagonal Rings needs 72 units, but if that's too many units for you, the Ringed Planet takes just 24 units (18 of width w and 6 of width 2w). A Nestagon takes 6 units per ring, with each ring needing paper 1.5 times as wide as the paper for the ring immediately inside it (e.g., 2”, 3” and 4.5” for a three-layer Nestagon). Pre-cut paper for Nestagons may be limited; feel free to cut your own ahead of time on the big cutter in the hospitality area. You will only have time in class for one of these options. If you are interested only in the individual rings (6 units each), that part will finish in the first class period. The individual rings offer many variations utilizing a non-structural blintz corner. It is also amenable to kasane technique for even more variations. See my exhibit for silly things this unit can do.