Convention 2021
This class was presented online.
Local time
Monday, June 28, 2021, 10:00 pm11:00 pm EDT
Room Three
Low Intermediate
Hans-Werner Guth
Charlene MORROW

This clever modular takes a patterned paper, repeated 12 times, and makes it look like a kaleidoscope. The module is not difficult to fold and the construction is not too hard either --- assuming you are willing to pay close attention to the orientation of the paper and fold reasonably carefully! It's a good chance to try this modular model even if you have never tried one before. Bonus: If made from 7.5 cm (3 inch) paper, the star will fit perfectly into a Fuse hexagon box (see my other class) made from 15 cm (6 inch) paper, making a beautiful false bottom.


BOS Magazine #268 p. 27, as well as several other publications (BOS Magazine #290, p. 26; Geometric Origami Kit (Idiot's Guides) by Nick Robinson, p. 32; Jong Ie Nara Plus magazine 79-10, p. 27; OrigaMIT 2012 Convention Book, p. 23)


12 squares of patterned paper. The less symmetric the pattern the better it will look (see photo of sample paper). Note that only one side of the paper will show. Paper that is a similar weight to kami is a good choice. 7.5 cm (approx 3 inch) paper is a good size, but larger will work fine.