Convention 2021 begins on Friday, June 25 and runs through Monday, June 28. There are two classes during our Opening Activities and 6 sessions of classes across the next three days. Use the links below to see details for each session. Times are shown in your local time zone (change time zone).

Opening Activities Friday, June 25, 5:00pm9:00pm EDT
Session 1 Saturday, June 26, 11:00am4:00pm EDT
Group Activity 1 Saturday, June 26, 4:00pm6:00pm EDT
Session 2 Saturday, June 26, 6:00pm11:00pm EDT
Session 3 Sunday, June 27, 11:00am4:00pm EDT
Group Activity 2 Sunday, June 27, 4:00pm6:00pm EDT
Session 4 Sunday, June 27, 6:00pm11:00pm EDT
Session 5 Monday, June 28, 11:00am4:00pm EDT
Group Activity 3 Monday, June 28, 4:00pm6:00pm EDT
Session 6 Monday, June 28, 6:00pm11:00pm EDT