Convention 2021
This class was presented online.
Local time
Sunday, June 27, 2021, 12:00 pm1:00 pm EDT
Room Nine
Low Intermediate
Larry Hart
Michael Naughton

This model is also known as the "Snap Hexahedron". It is an action model with a high "ooh!" factor. It was created by Larry Hart, a longtime member of the BOS, who passed from Covid-19 a few months ago, and I am offering this in his memory. It is one of my favorite models. I learned it in the 1980s from Verdi Adams, who called it the "Oh! Fold". I will be teaching from diagrams by Hans Dybkjær that Larry considered crucial to a full appreciation of this model. He once told me that using this folding sequence is "60 - 75% of the model!", and he preferred that people use it because "it [is] so much fun to do that way".


It has been published in various British Origami Society (BOS) publications, and also elsewhere, including BOS Magazine #203 (p 11), BOS Convention 2012 Spring (p 13), Le Pli 22 (p 4), Orison 19/03 (p 74), Larry Hart Selected Works 71-92 (BOS Booklet 42) (p 7), and Geometric Origami Kit by Nick Robinson (p 36).


Made from one square of paper. Kami is ideal. 4-inch (10 cm) and 6-inch (15 cm) are ideal. A folding bone is helpful but not necessary.