Convention 2021
This class was presented online.
Local time
Sunday, June 27, 2021, 1:00 pm4:00 pm EDT
Room Seven
Mark Sigalovsky (model & diagram author)
Mark Sigalovskiy

Brooms Up! Here we fold the model of Quidditch Seeker who just caught the Golden Snitch and earned 150 points for his team =) Of course, this work inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter classic novels. Harry as Seeker of Gryffindor Team was the prototype. And what’s your favorite Quiddich Team and Seeker? What’s your House at Hogwarts? If you are a fan of Origami and the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, this class is for you. Join, and let the OriMagic begin!


You need one middle-to-big square of any paper you wish for Seeker & Broom (from one square), and a little square of double-sided gold-white/gold-silver origami foil for Golden Snitch. For Seeker is recommended any paper which form-keeping is strong after folding & forming. In particular, craft paper suits well. Also good option is if paper for Seeker fits for wet folding, to give figure a completed form.