Convention 2021
This class was presented online.
Local time
Monday, June 28, 2021, 11:00 am1:00 pm EDT
Room Six
High Intermediate
Xander Arena
Xander Arena

This is a rewarding rabbit model that is of high intermediate complexity, requiring a couple sink folds and a nice collapse at the outset. The finished model's ears and legs can be modified for various display poses, and subtle variations in the pre-creasing can produce a variety of conformations. All in all, it's an efficient use of paper and fast to fold once the folding sequence is learned.


"Origami on the Edge" Dover Publications; Green ed. edition (February 19, 2009)


This model was designed and developed using squared up white typing paper, but as you'll note from the pictures, any two toned paper will work as well. The pictured rabbits were folded form 6in Kami, but 12in paper is recommended for this class. Best results are achieved with thinner paper.