Convention 2021
This class was presented online.
Local time
Sunday, June 27, 2021, 2:00 pm4:00 pm EDT
Room Six
High Intermediate
Andrey Hechuev
Andrey Hechuev

Elegant and quite simple model of rose, looks very realistic. Once learned it you can't stop yourself from folding more and more =)
It has the unusual structure and smart lock system. We will twist and reverse one simple base to achieve an easy to shape form. Easy shaping, no need for special techniques or materials.
Even if we start from the square the resulting flower has soft curves and very natural appearance.
Stackable calyx model (extra sheet) completes the model: it permits insert stems and creates compositions.
If you you're looking for nice leaves for total look, please check my tutorial on youtube ;)


Total 2 pieces: one piece (1) for rose and one piece (1) for calyx).

Two pieces 20cm to 30cm (≈7.8 in to 11.8 in). Only experienced folders might fold it from from 15 cm (6 in) square. Smaller sizes are not recommended.
Final model is large in diameter and high roughly as 1/4 of length of initial square.

Suggested type of paper:
Light-medium weight (≈50 to 100 gsm), stiff, resistant to tear, with good memory (crimps, reverse folds), with smooth texture.
Any of these paper works well: Tant, Sirio (Fabriano/Fedrigoni), biotope, kraft paper, bread/sandwich paper (food kraft), sketch paper (e.r. „Schizza e strappa“ by Favini), lighter embossed efalin/estralin, lokta paper or similar.

In absence of previous listed or similar, not suggested (less nice result).but possible to use the common kami or sealing (coloured striped kraft).

The square of calyx is smaller with side equal half diagonal square for rose
As square of size of blintz base folded from of square for rose.

• 4 clips,
• Crochet tool with thin head or scrapbooking tool or wooden skewer or tweezers.