PCOC 2019
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Sunday, September 15, 2019, 10:00 am – 10:45 am PDT
Jacques Justin
Deb Pun
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You'll learn how to fold this versatile, fabulous 1-sheet model – no cutting, no gluing! A 6-inch square yields about a 3-inch star suitable for greeting cards, origami pins and holiday decoration. I will teach you my folding sequence to fold an 8x8 grid aligning cut edges and folded edges of the paper as a guide. After precreasing an 8x8 grid, we will need to carefully form into a 3D shape and then twist-collapse the star. I will share my variation that displays the major color on the front and back sides of the star. The original diagram shows the major color on the front and a minor color on the back. Diagrams will be distributed. Accurate pre-creasing and careful shaping is helpful for the model. Great folded from kami, Korean pattern paper, patterned duo, Grimmhobby Corona Harmony print, Aitoh Bokashi Chiyogami flower pattern print, Tuttle Rainbow Pattern print.