Class Previews

The links below show the classes that people have volunteered to teach, provided here—with pictures—to give you a glimpse of what is planned (and, perhaps, to inspire you to register to teach a few classes yourself!). Please note that these are not fixed; people's plans change, and the order on the listing is merely reverse order of submission. The final schedule—with pictures—will be available per the schedule above. You can also suggest a class.

Previews take on an added importance as an aid to planning your online registration for classes. Even though the class times are not available until the schedules are posted, you can monitor these previews to begin selecting the classes you want to request during the ”request classes” period (see Taking Classes for more information.

Preliminary Schedule

Here is a preliminary class schedule. It may change between now and the time we issue the final schedule.

  • The final class schedule has been posted.

Final Class Schedules (Online)

Here are the final online class schedules. Each entry has 1–3 of the model being taught—uploaded from the class previews—along with other class-related information: description, special requirements, advisories, etc.

Even if you don’t plan to (or are unable to) register for classes online, you can use this as a virtual model menu to help you plan your class choices in advance. You might even want to set up your ticketing forms before coming to PCOC. You can use this downloadable copy of the form. At PCOC, you'll be able to avoid the crowds at the physical Model Menu as well by accessing this schedule on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Final Class Schedules, Advisories and Bibliography (PDFs)

Here are the final class schedules, advisories (important notes from the teacher about skill levels and further details of the class description) and bibliography in downloadable pdf format. Copies of these documents will also be available at the Information Desk on site.