Many of our attendees tell us that their volunteer experiences are what make the convention most satisfying. If you haven't volunteered before, why not try it this year? It's an opportunity to meet interesting people and see the convention in a whole new light.

We will need help in the weeks prior to the convention preparing survival kits and paper, processing registration forms, etc. On the Friday of the convention, we will need people to help set up. During the convention, we will need people as teachers' aides, monitors in the model menu or exhibition areas, registrars, etc. Directly after the convention, we will need people to clean up. Even one hour will help.

Volunteers receive priority ticketing for classes. In addition, anyone who displays in the Exhibition is required to volunteer one hour in the Exhibition during the convention.

If you will be attending classes, and wish to volunteer during, before or after the convention, please complete the regular registration form, plus the Volunteering information on the tear-off sheet in your mailed packet or by registering online at the link below.

If you are a non-folder accompanying a folder, and wish to volunteer during the convention, please complete the Guardian/Staff registration form, plus the online Volunteer form in the link above. If you volunteer in any way, someone will contact you before the convention to confirm your assignment.

Volunteer Wanted for Convention: Gold Mine Co-chair

Don't you love to shop in Gold Mine? Lots of interesting and often unique items are available. Wouldn't you like to be part of making that happen? Apply for this volunteer position and you can. All responsibilities are shared with Maria Velazquez, co-chair, and extensive training will be provided by Maria and Tony Cheng, prior co-chair.

Requirement: Local to NYC preferred

Job Description BEFORE convention:

  • Inventorying the Gold Mine stock left over from last year
  • Discussions on what to sell
  • Researching new items
  • Going to the Stationary Show in May to buy Gold Mine stock
  • Ordering other items to be sold
  • Pricing and packing
  • Careful accounting of consignment items received before convention
  • Assigning cashiers and work schedule

Job Description DURING convention:

  • On Friday from noon to 7pm
    • Unpacking and setting up Gold Mine
    • Careful accounting of consignment items received at convention
  • On Saturday and Sunday during open hours
    • Making sure the cashiers have what they need
    • Getting cashier lunch, dinner and break coverage
    • Trouble-shooting problems
  • On Sunday at 6pm
    • Breakdown and packing with an eye towards next year
    • Careful labeling and packing of boxes so inventory the following year is easy, taking some note of what sold and did not
  • On Monday
    • Organizing and counting all proceeds with a detailed report to the Treasurer
    • Arrange for payments to people who consigned material

Job Description AFTER Convention

  • Follow up on any reporting and accounting
  • Be able to answer questions from Treasurer

For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Convention Committee at convention [at]

Volunteers Wanted for Convention: Exhibition Managers

We are looking for 3 to 5 Exhibition Managers to work the following shifts in Exhibition:

SATURDAY: 10am-1pm; 1pm-5pm; 5pm-8:30pm and SUNDAY: 10am-1pm; 1pm-5pm.

Job Description:

  • Overseeing the Exhibition Volunteers and paid staff
  • Explaining responsibilities and Exhibition rules and etiquette
  • Trouble-shooting any problems that arise
  • Reporting status to Ruthanne Bessman, Exhibition Chair

For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Convention Committee at convention-exhibition [at]

Volunteer Wanted for Convention: Bibliography Writer

Our attendees always want diagrams for the models taught in class. Since we cannot provide this due to copyright issues, we do the next best thing by providing a bibliography indicating where models are published. Note that this work is done in the last two weeks before convention.

Requirements: Knowledge of Excel required, with Access a plus. Volunteer does not have to be local to NY, but must be comfortable sending files back and forth by email.

Job Description:

  • Receive file from teacher scheduling team (Jan Polish, Maria Velazquez and Marcio Noguchi) indicating teacher models and sources
  • Work with the team to research and verify where models being taught are published, using Internet and library resources, where possible
  • Generate a document that can be copied and included in the Survival Kit

For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Convention Committee at convention [at]

Volunteer Wanted for Convention: Registration Assistant

We need help putting all the information from paper registration forms into the computer, and converting the information extracted from the website into usable format. This job is done using Access and Excel, and is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn these programs.

Requirements: Good data entry skills, exposure to Access and Excel a plus, must be local to NYC (work is done in OrigamiUSA office)

Job Description:

  • Work closely with Jan Polish (Convention Chair) and Sam Riviello (OrigamiUSA Admin.)
  • Open and review incoming mail
  • Prepare checks for deposit
  • Input information into Access forms

For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Convention Committee at convention [at]

If you have any other questions about volunteering, please contact the volunteer committee at convention-volunteering [at]