Convention is a great way to get together with fellow enthusiasts for events and activities beyond those provided as part of the convention! On this page, you can find activities organized by members for members to take place at Convention. If you've got an announcement, send it to the website team at website [at] and we'll add it to this list.

On this page:

  • Fourth Annual Origami Artist Trading Card Swap
  • Convention Paper Tour
  • Representational Design Challenge
  • Tessellation Design Challenge
  • Free Stuff Exchange Table
  • Oversize Folding Competition

Fourth Annual Origami Artist Trading Card Swap

This year's ATC trade will be organized by Tamara Read, who says:

If you are interested in participating in the Artist Trading Card swap, I am asking that the cards be in groups of 26 in return you will receive 25 traded cards and one title card. This will allow the extra card for a display for the convention and will not be returned to you. You will not be limited to the number of sets you can do but I ask that each set have a different design. As people sign up you will be put on a list for each group of 25 that are received, for each group the title card will be different. Please email me at ousaatc [at] if you are interested in participating in the swap.

I will ask that you hand in or mail in your cards in sets of 26 in a plastic zip-lock bag - with an address sicker on the outside of the bag. I will be in the exhibition area at 7pm on Friday night and Saturday until 5pm. On convention Sunday we will meet in the auditorium at 6pm for participants to pick up their cards and swap any extras that you might have or to take the time to look at the display after it is removed from the viewing area.

I will ask for anyone that would like to mail in their cards if you are not attending the convention or will not be attending Sunday night to mail me their cards by June 17th. I will ask for two dollars ($2.00) postage either in bills or unused postage stamps to return the cards that will be traded. Please print your address clearly or send a return label to ensure that you receive your cards.

If you are interested in participating the requirements will be as follows:

  • All cards must be 2 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches
  • All trading cards must have origami on them or be folded (letter fold that results in a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 fold).
  • I ask that all cards have the following information on the back of their card
  • Name of person that folded
  • email address

If you would like to add the following please feel free to do so:

  • Numbered like edition or fine prints for example 1/25, 15/25 etc...
  • Designer of the model that was used on the card
  • Country/City of where you live
  • Title of the card
  • Date

In the past MaryAnn, who organized the ATC swap, had a great idea and suggested a short summary of why you created your card or what inspired you. If you send me a summary by June 17th I will combine all the summaries and return it to you with your card at the convention.

If you are interested in participating please contact me at ousaatc [at]

Convention Paper Tour

Want to experience the breadth and wonder of Origami shopping in New York City? Join Rob Hudson and fellow paperfolders on the Friday before convention for a guided tour of the Big Apple's origami vendors. See everything from exotic papers to Asian books during this four-hour venture from Rockefeller Center to SoHo.

When is the tour?

The tour is Friday, June (27) at noon.

Where will we meet?

In front of the Suites at FIT. If it's raining, meet inside the building by the security desk.

Where will we go?

The stops on the tour are shown on this map, and include convention favorites like NY Central Art Supply and Books Kinokuniya. The blue line on the map shows the path of the tour, which begins at FIT and goes uptown to Books Kinokuniya for the first stop.

Who is leading the tour?

Rob Hudson, a 14-year veteran of Origami USA conventions, has volunteered to lead the tour.

How do I sign up?

Email Rob Hudson at caveatrob [at] to indicate that you'd like to attend. Give him your contact information, including a mobile phone number if you would like to contact Rob before or during the event.

What should I bring?

  • A backpack or carrying bag to store your loot. You'll have to check your bags at many of the stores, so it's easier to have everything in one place.
  • Proper clothing for the weather,
  • Comfortable walking shoes. We'll be covering many of the locations on foot.
  • Small bills, for subway or bus fare, as the trip requires. A 1-Day Fun Pass costs approximately $7.50, according to the latest information on the MTA web site.
  • An origami shirt or identifying clothing, if you're concerned about falling behind.

Is the tour accessible for those with disabilities?

The tour will require a lot of walking in a short period of time in order to visit the most places. If you can't - or don't want to- keep the rigorous schedule, you can get a map of the tour sites (to be posted soon) and proceed at your own pace. Since the tour is provided by a single volunteer, we don't have the staff to give individual direction.

How can I help?

You can be a "group leader" and guide fellow paperfolders to the various locations. Last year, we had a large turnout (over 30 people), and found it challenging to coordinate everyone. If you're interested in helping 3-4 other people during the tour, contact Rob (see email link above) if you have any questions. Again, see this map , compiled by Rob Hudson and Sok Song, for a full list of stops, and for additional origami hotspots in New York.

If you're lost on the day of the trip, you can reach Rob by phone at 717-725-0464.

Representational Design Challenge

For the past few years, several folders have participated in an informal "design challenge," in which each entrant attempts to compose a specified subject from a single uncut square. This year, the challenge topic is "Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimpanzee or Bonobo." Entrants will have their own table at the exhibition, and the entries will go on to be shown at the Origami Tanteidan Convention in August. There are no prizes or awards (other than the respect of your peers, which is priceless). For details, see here (scroll down to the bottom for instructions).

Tessellation Design Challenge

The tessellation challenge returns for its second year, initiated by members of the Origami Tessellations community on Flickr. The challenge topic is "Jungle."

The only restrictions for entry are the use of a single sheet of paper, and some form of geometric folding - tessellations, corrugations, or something new. (Surprise us!) Any size or shape of paper may be used.

The entries should either be exhibited at the OUSA 2009 Convention, and/or posted to the Origami Tessellation Design Challenge 2009 photo pool on Flickr, prior to or within the same timeframe as the OUSA Convention (June 26-30).

There will be no judging or awards, other than the enjoyment of participation. As with the representational challenge (above): "The purpose of this challenge is to stretch your own abilities and to see what others have done."

You may find more information and ask questions here.

Free stuff!

There will be a table with free stuff across from the information table in the Great Hall. Bring your unwanted paper or books, etc., and add them to the table. (No photocopies of copyrighted materials, please.) This is not an organized exchange. Leave what you don't want and take from the table what you do want -- common courtesy will be the rule. Take what you can use, but leave some for the next person. Come back later and if you want more and it is there, take some more.

For questions, please contact Kathy Stevick at kathystevick [at]

OMGNYC (Origami Meetup Group) Oversized Folding Competition at OrigamiUSA Convention

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fold a life sized elephant or giraffe? or an oversized geometric modular or flowers? This is your chance to try it out! 

At the OrigamiUSA Convention the NYC Origami Meetup Group will hold a folding competition to see who can fold the best oversized origami model. The event will take place on Sunday Evening, more details will be posted on the website and announced at Convention.

Entries will be judged on originality, size, and folding skills and there will be lots of fun prizes for various levels of folding as well. New folders are encouraged to try and fold simple models, there will be prizes for multiple categories.  Simple is always best when folding large.

Teams of two will have 1 hour (I think this should be enough time) to construct the biggest most impressive models they can make using paper as big as 9 feet square (we will provide different colors of seamless photo back paper for each team) Teams must sign up before the event and announce which model they plan to fold. ( This is to help us prepare the paper needed for the event) 

The list of teams and models will be posted online and during convention. New signups will be taken until Saturday Night before the event. The sign up sheet will be available at the Information Desk in the Great Hall.  Also practice sessions will be held so you can try out the paper and your test models before the convention and possibly on Friday and Saturday before the event.

Modulars will be allowed and by special petition (depending on how many units you may need and the model) to have teams comprised of 4 people instead of 2.

If you don't have a teammate and you would like to participate, we can match you up with someone who is also interested.

Please email sok [at] for more information or to express interest in participating in this event.