NEW: No Membership Requirement for Overseas Attendees

We really appreciate the effort and expense that's involved for our Overseas attendees to come to the OrigamiUSA convention, and their participation really makes our convention special. So we're instituting a new policy for Overseas folk — i.e., those coming from anywhere but the US, Canada, or Mexico: OrigamiUSA membership will not be required! We'd, of course, love to have you join us as members, so if you sign up as new members at convention, membership will cost only $30/year for the first year. We do apologize for the late notice; this new policy was established too late to include in our online registration, so you'll have to print the registration PDF and fax it to us at 212-769-5668. If you are unable to fax it, you can email the information to us at convention-registration [at]

Changes to Guardian Rules

Those of you who've been to convention in the past few years will have noticed how crowded the Hospitality Area gets during non-class times. We are, in fact, at great risk of exceeding the Fire Department's capacity limits. We will, therefore, have to limit the guardians who accompany under-age children or people with disabilities. Each person in need of a guardian or aide will receive one Guardian badge that can be used by multiple people, one at a time. This means that if, for example, Mother wants to come on Saturday and Father on Sunday, they can each use the same badge. You won't have to fill out an additional form for the Guardians; just check the box on the Attendee Registration form and add the names (and cell phones) of the people who will be using the badge.

If you are a NON-FOLDER who wishes to volunteer at the convention for two or more hours per day, please fill out the staff registration form:

  • Online registration for Convention is now closed.
map of FIT

Building Name Changes

FIT has officially changed the names of the buildings that we use. The new names are as follows:

  • Building A is now Dubinsky
  • Building B is now Business and Liberal Arts
  • Building C is now Feldman
  • Building D is now Pomerantz
  • Alumni Hall is now 210

On-Line Teaching Preview, Schedule and Model Menu

This year you'll be able to view the classes people are planning to teach as soon as they offer them, including photos if the teachers add them. Be warned that these are not final classes or descriptions – we will probably make lots of changes once we initiate discussion with the teachers – but you'll be able to get an idea of what has been offered. In addition, the final schedule will be available on-line by Wednesday of convention week. Photos will be added to the schedule as models are received, so that you'll be able to avoid the crowds at the physical Model Menu by sitting with the virtual Model Menu on your laptop, tablet or phone.

And How Will You Do That?

We're pleased to announce that free Wi-Fi will be available in the Hospitality Area during the convention.

Gold Mine Consignment Changes

There's been some confusion about what can and can't be consigned or sold to the Gold Mine, so we've clarified the policies, percentages, etc. Check the webpage for Gold Mine to see details. In addition, there's a form to fill out to reserve spots in the Gold Mine, and to let us know what to expect. We'll send an email to acknowledge and confirm.

Silent Auction Changes

Thinking about bringing or sending something for Silent Auction? Please complete the web form to let us know what you're bringing so that we can plan the space, and so that we can answer questions if you have them. We'll send an email to acknowledge and confirm.

Vendor Registration Changes

We sometimes run out of room for our Vendors, especially when some show up without prior indication. So this year we will acknowledge the Vendors who have space reserved, and we may have to cut off registration once we're full. We'll send an email to acknowledge and confirm.

Housing Changes

This year, as with last year, we will have only the Suite building available while construction continues to modernize the Dorm building. We have made one change in housing policies this year - if a person wishes to stay in FIT housing and is under 18, they must have an on-site guardian, who must be over 21.

Origami Collection Changes

In an effort to cut costs and make storage and stacking easier, we are converting the Collection to a Perfect Bound (fully bound) binding. In other words, there will no longer be a spiral binding. We have also lowered the price to $20, and the convention pre-order price to $17. If you prefer spiral binding, places like FedEx Kinko's and Staples can bind your copy for $5-6.

New Cut for Ladies' T-Shirt

Last year we had some complaints that the Ladies' T-shirt wasn't different enough from the Unisex shirt. So we will be changing suppliers for that style only, and the new Ladies' T-Shirt has a more fitted silhouette, plus a v-neck. It's still 100% cotton.

Sorry Kit Change

The Sorry Kit comes with all the Survival kits goodies and includes the Origami Collection book and Convention Logo T-shirt. This year, in addition to being able to buy the book separately, you will also be able to purchase T-shirts separately. As always, Sorry Kits (and now also T-shirts) will not be available once the Convention Sorry Kit form is closed.

Dinner Price Going Down

We have negotiated a new, slightly lower price with FIT Catering. We will be retaining the same menu and service level, but the price has gone down from $70 to $65. Please consider joining us this year—with turkey and sirloin at a carving station, and a buffet with salmon, vegetarian lasagna, vegetables, coffee/tea, and dessert, plus wine and beer to purchase, it's a wonderful, almost elegant way to say goodbye to your new and old friends.

No More PDFs

Well, not exactly. But we've drastically reduced the number of PDFs you can download from the website, except for the forms. Why? Well, now when you print directly from the website you don't get extraneous material, such as the menus or sidebars; you will just get the pertinent material from the page. So if you want to make a copy of the General Information page, for example, just hit the print button on your browser, and you'll have your copy.