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Frequently Asked Questions - Submissions

This new system helps to bring consistency and clarity to our submission and review process. Your submissions are valuable, and we want to make sure that we have a reliable way to process your work and honor your intentions.

We need some minimum contact information for you in order to send you your compensation (a free copy of the publication or two months membership in OrigamiUSA). We get that from your account information. This way, you only have to enter this information once. Plus, if you update this information later, it will change for all your submissions.

No, it just means the website will know who you are. Joining OrigamiUSA is a separate thing. See here for details.

No. We don’t give out, rent, or sell any contact information, and if you’re not a member of OrigamiUSA, you won’t get any mailings of any sort other than ones directly relevant to your submission.

The only people who can see your contact information are the publication editors (who may need to communicate with you) and the administrator of our membership system.

On the submission form, there’s a set of checkboxes to indicate your choices. You can submit to one, several, or all of our publications.

We’d like you to fill out a separate form for each distinct article or set of diagrams, but if your submission contains several files--for example, an article plus several illustrations, or several separate pages of diagrams for a single model, you should submit all of those together as a single submission. The file uploader can accept multiple files.

Yes. To revoke or change your permissions just log in and change your form online. We’ll honor your most recent version of your permission form, although the system will keep a copy of all your previous forms to maintain an audit trial.

No; all copyright resides with its original owner, e.g., you. You’re just giving us permission to use your material.

Yes. Your submission will be reviewed by the appropriate people in OrigamiUSA, and they will get back to you, usually within several weeks. We may ask for changes to be made for your submission. We cannot, of course, guarantee that we will use what you send us.

Yes. You can see all of your past submissions on this page. You can also edit them, for example, to add or remove permissions or to provide updated content.

The Publications Committee accepts and welcomes diagram submissions all year long, as we are continually working on books. For the Origami Collection, we need three months prior to the release date (which coincides with the current year's NY Origami Convention at the end of June) to produce the book. All submissions after that date will be considered for future publications.

There is no fixed deadline; submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis. We welcome articles, news, and diagrams at any time.