New member prices in The Origami Source

If you take a look at The Origami Source, you’ll see something new: every product now has two prices listed, a regular price, and a member price, which is lower (10% lower now, eventually more for some products). In the past, the 10% member discount was applied to the order subtotal (for logged-in current members). Now, when you are logged into your OrigamiUSA website account and are a current member, when you add a product to your shopping cart, you’ll receive the member price on each item. (Note: you must be logged in BEFORE you add the item to your cart in order to get the lower member price.)

Why did we make this change? In the past, all products received the same 10% discount. We are going to introduce bigger member discounts for some products (notably sales of download files), and so we needed to change the system to allow product-by-product discounts, rather than a single line-item discount, in order to accommodate the larger discounts.