Organizational Changes for OrigamiUSA

As of January 1, 2016, the following organizational changes will take effect.

1) Replacement of the positions of Board President and Board Vice President with a Board Chair and Vice Chair.

2) Creation of a new position of President/CEO as a paid employee. The person holding this position will serve on the Board ex officio with voting rights. All the details are available in the newly posted By-laws.

The new officer positions will be as follows:

  • Marcio Noguchi, Chair
  • Patty Grodner, Vice Chair
  • Jason Ku, Treasurer
  • Char Morrow, Secretary
  • Wendy Zeichner, President/CEO

Note from the President/CEO, Wendy Zeichner:

Up until now, I have been serving OrigamiUSA as both the President of the Board and as our Executive Director. In order for us to really grow, OrigamiUSA needs a more robust organizational structure, that will allow us to have continuity of operations and a stronger Board.

To that end, the Board has agreed that we need to have a Chair of the Board and a President/CEO—two roles to be served by two people. I will be taking on the role of President/CEO as a paid employee. Marcio Noguchi will be stepping up to be our first Chair of the Board. I congratulate Marcio and look forward to working with him as OrigamiUSA moves into the future. I am happy and excited about this change, and grateful for the trust the Board has placed in me. OrigamiUSA’s future looks bright as we continue our work to make origami for anyone, anywhere, any time!

Note from the Board Chair, Marcio Noguchi:

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Chair of the OrigamiUSA Board. While this may be a small change of words in the By-laws, it is a big change to our structure since it will allow OrigamiUSA to become a stronger organization. Wendy Zeichner will focus on leading us in operational matters; and I will focus on the work of the Board, leading strategic planning, mission and policies of the organization.

As Board Chair, I will strive to lead the Board with integrity and transparency. I will work with Board members so that we can collectively contribute to the best of our abilities. This will create a more effective Board able to fulfill OrigamiUSA’s mission to share the joy of paperfolding. Congratulations to Wendy on her new position and my gratitude for all the work she has done for OrigamiUSA. I look forward to working with the Board and appreciate their dedication to OrigamiUSA. Thanks also to all the committee chairs, volunteers, and members, who are contributing to make a better future for OrigamiUSA.

From Wendy and Marcio:

We wish you a wonderful 2016 filled with happiness, health and many joyful folds! Happy New Year!