Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EDT
Carmen Sprung
Kathleen Sheridan
Carmen Sprung

Today’s Theme: Stars

Many paper folders like to make origami stars. Stars can have a varying number of points and can be made from one piece of paper, or many. Using mathematical principles, Carmen Sprung, from Germany, is well known for designing many clever and delightful star designs.


Paper needed: For 1 star we need eight 1:3 rectangles. If you want you can prepare these rectangles ahead of time. Carmen recommends a size of at least 5cm x 15cm. 3 squares, each 15cm x 15cm, are enough, but depending on how many colors you want to use you may need more. Also, please have some extra 1:3 rectangles on hand. Kami or kraft paper is recommended. Also, have 1 big square measuring 30cm x 30cm for the quick rectangle method mentioned below.

You will need a cutting tool for cutting rectangles and scissors for trimming the modules at the end. Carmen will show an easy and quick way to cut twelve 1:3-rectangles from the 30cm x 30cm square. We will fold and assemble all eight modules of the new Olga-variation (2019). For understanding the folding of the original Olga-star (2010) we will fold only two modules.