Friday, October 30, 2020, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EDT
High Intermediate
Michał Kosmulski
Kathleen Sheridan
Michał Kosmulski

Today’s Theme: Tessellations

In recent years there has been a great buzz around a new area of origami: Tessellations! This is a way of making a pattern where one or more shapes are placed together leaving no spaces between them, and then repeated over and over --- think of a bathroom floor or wall. Origami tessellations have folded shapes that are repeated over and over using just one piece of paper, or sometimes fabric. Michal Kosmulski has created many unique patterns and designs in origami using tessellations.

We'll fold two variants of the model: the first is intermediate difficulty, then we'll move on to the other variant which is complex difficulty. I think it would be OK for people with intermediate folding skills to join for just the first variant if they don't mind folding relatively fast (I will use this model only as an introduction to the more advanced one).

We'll fold a box with a shamrock/clover on it. The shamrock can also be used as a tessellation molecule.


As for papers, I'd like participants to prepare:
* 6" square with precreased 6x6 grid (for the intermediate variant);
* 6" square with NO creases (for the bottom part of the box);
* 3" square with precreased 8x8 grid which we'll use as a teaching aid to show a fragment of the complex model;
* 8-10" square with precreased 20x20 grid (for the complex variant).
The preferred paper is 80 gsm or thicker (copy paper, Tant, Elephant Hide). Kami will not be the best choice for this model. Green color is preferred, but thickness is more important than color.