PCOC 2017 Teaching Saturday/Sunday


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Submissions for this form are closed.

This form is for teachers who know what they want to teach on Saturday/Sunday. If you would like to teach or present but are unsure about what, or have questions, please send an email to pcoc-teaching [at] origamiusa.org. Please include any ideas you have about class content.

Please complete a separate form for each class you plan to teach. Please use the same form of first and last name that you used in your registration for this and all teaching forms.

Important Note: in order to be eligible for special early ticketing priority, you must meet the Priority Ticketing requirements.

Class Preview Page. When you submit your form, a description of your class will immediately appear on the class preview page. Within this form you will have the opportunity to upload a photo of what you are teaching, which will be shown on the class preview web page. This is optional. Please do not delay telling us what you want to teach even if you don't have a photo. It can be added later if you attach it to an email addressed to pcoc-teaching [at] origamiusa.org

Once your teaching form is entered, the following fields will be shown on the class preview web page: Teacher name, Class name, Description, Special requirements/prerequisites, and Image (if you uploaded one).