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The OrigamiUSA website is an effort of many people and includes the work of many volunteers. If you'd like to join the effort or have an idea for something for the website, please contact the Online Presence Committee at online-presence [at] origamiusa [dot] org. If you've found an error on the website, please contact the Website Team at website [at] origamiusa [dot] org.

The Website Team

  • Webmaster - Trevor James
  • Managing Editor - Robert J. Lang
  • Site Admins - Trevor James, Robert J. Lang, Anne LaVin, Jm Weir
  • The Origami Source Manager -Mike and Janet Hamilton
  • Calendar Editor - Faye Goldman
  • Groups Editor - Jason Ku, Marcio Noguchi
  • Special Sessions Editor - Wendy Zeichner
  • Gallery Editors - Norm Budnitz, Nathan Zeichner, Jan Polish

Policy, oversight, and a lot of the behind-the-scenes work is carried out by the Online Presence Committee (which includes many of the same people); you can find the OLP roster here.