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Origami church

Church [pdf]

Price: $1.25
Origami cruise ship, origami boat

Cruise Ship [pdf]

Price: $1.95
Origami dress, shoes, purse

“spring Fling” – an Origami Dress with “slides” and Clutch Purse [pdf]

Price: $3.95
Origami Jack Rabbit, Origami rabbit, Origami bunny

Jack Rabbit [pdf]

Price: $2.25
Origami bathing suit, Origami Transformer

50’s & 80’s Style Bathing Suits – an Origami Transformer [pdf]

Price: $1.95
Origami heart

Transformed in Love - a Tribute to Maya Angelou [pdf]

Price: $2.25
Origami Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress [pdf]

Price: $2.50
basket for gift

Basket [pdf]

Price: $1.85

Origami Trowel [pdf]

Price: $1.00
Origami cross variation 3 (line drawing)

Cross Variation 3 with Printable Pattern [pdf]

Price: $2.30

Super Easy Modular Triangle Kusudama / Polyhedron / Icosidodecahedron [pdf]

Price: $2.00
jet fighter model

Jet Fighter [pdf]

Price: $2.00
pagoda box

Pagoda Box [pdf]

Price: $1.00
pagoda on the envelope

Pagoda on the Envelope [pdf]

Price: $1.50
Sailboat - A ReMake of OUSA logo

Sailboat - a Remake of Ousa Logo [pdf]

Price: $2.00
simple dollar butterfly in only 6 steps

Dollar Butterfly [pdf]

Price: $1.30
cross variation 2, front, version "a"

Cross Variation 2 with Printable Pattern [pdf]

Price: $2.30
envelope for holiday, for giving a gift, money inside

Envelope with a Flower for Money [pdf]

Price: $2.00
envelope with iris for giving a gift

Iris on the Envelope for Gift and Money [pdf]

Price: $1.30

Simply Dinos Vol. 1 [pdf]

Price: $10.00
Origami cross variation 1

Cross Variation 1 with Printable Patterned Paper [pdf]

Price: $2.00
simple money duck

Dollar Duck [pdf]

Price: $1.30
a bag for gift

The Closed Bag [pdf]

Price: $2.00
real hat on the head

Samurai Helmet [pdf]

Price: $2.00