The newest file downloads in The Origami Source (newest listed first).

Penguin [pdf]

Price: $2.50

Sheep [pdf]

Price: $2.50
Advanced Mushroom

Advanced Mushroom [pdf]

Price: $1.00
Simple Mushroom

Simple Mushroom [pdf]

Price: $1.00
Origami Viking finished model

Viking [pdf]

Price: $1.00

Elefant (Elephant) [pdf]

Price: $2.00
Picture of model

Bat [pdf]

Price: $2.00
Peace Lily and Leaf

Peace Lily and Leaf [pdf]

Price: $2.95
Folded elephant head

Elephant Head [pdf]

Price: $2.00
D.I.N.O. 30

D.i.n.o. (Deltaedri Incavati Non Ortodossi) [pdf]

Price: $2.00
Hoang Tien Quyet's Blue Jay

Blue Jay [pdf]

Price: $2.50

Compound of Dodecahedron and Great Dodecahedron [pdf]

Price: $3.29
Hoang Tien Quyet's Toco Toucan

Toco Toucan [pdf]

Price: $2.50
Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth [pdf]

Price: $1.50
Origami Model Display Stand Set

Origami Model Display Stand Set [pdf]

Price: $3.25
Tiered Cake – Birthday Card/Money & Gift Card Holder/Frame/Place Card Favor

Tiered Cake – Birthday Card/money & Gift Card Holder/frame/place Card Favor [pdf]

Price: $3.25
a couple of rounded-leaf clovers

Clover of Curves [pdf]

Price: $1.50
Origami Le Carrousel

Origami Le Carrousel [pdf]

Price: $5.95
Origami Chick-A-Dee Jelly Bean Gift Bag

Chick-a-dee Jelly Bean Gift Bag [pdf]

Price: $3.25
Origami Ice Cream Cone

Origami Ice Cream Cone [pdf]

Price: $2.75
(Grand Piano image)

Grand Piano [pdf]

Price: $2.50

Mette Units 8 [pdf]

Price: $6.00
Mette Units 7 Cover

Mette Units 7 [pdf]

Price: $6.00
Mette Units 6 - Boxes Cover

Mette Units 6 - Boxes [pdf]

Price: $7.00