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Phantom Gentleman [pdf]

Price: $4.50

Fallen Leaves [pdf]

Price: $4.50
Halloween bat

Halloween Bat [pdf]

Price: $2.00
front side

Bear's Face [pdf]

Price: $5.00

"I ♥ U (I Love You)" with an Arrow (Arrow Through the Heart) [pdf]

Price: $5.50

A Pair of Butterflies (Long-wing Version) [pdf]

Price: $4.50

A Pair of Butterflies (Short-wing Version) [pdf]

Price: $4.00

Moneydillo [pdf]

Price: $2.00
Simple Double Sink Dodecahedron - view 1

Simple Double Sink Dodecahedron [pdf]

Price: $3.10
Origami Flower by Danny Ventura

Flower [pdf]

Price: $2.00

Butterfly (Long Wings) [pdf]

Price: $2.50
Funny Money Bunny

Funny Money Bunny [pdf]

Price: $2.00

Butterfly (Short Wings) [pdf]

Price: $2.00
I Love You

I ♥ U (I Love You) [pdf]

Price: $4.00
Crane with Rider

Crane with Rider [pdf]

Price: $2.00
Purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea)

Purple Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Purpurea) [pdf]

Price: $3.49

Seahorse [pdf]

Price: $1.50
Horned Owl

Horned Owl [pdf]

Price: $1.50

Dot-matrix Display [pdf]

Price: $5.00

Lovebirds [pdf]

Price: $5.00

Sheep [pdf]

Price: $3.70

Angel Fish [pdf]

Price: $3.00

Cute Rabbit [pdf]

Price: $3.70
connected into a necklace

Chain of Hearts (Modular) [pdf]

Price: $2.00