OrigamiUSA Convention 2008 is over, and was a smashing success!

Photo Galleries

We've put together a couple of photo galleries of Convention 2008 to remind you of what you saw (or, if you couldn't make it, to whet your appetite for next year). Enjoy!

First, some galleries of photographs of the exhibition by Andrew Cribb.

Next, some galleries of photographs of the exhibition by Susan Dugan.

Offsite Galleries

Many of our friends and members have put up their own galleries on their websites or on 3rd-party photo-sharing sites. Here are a few links below. If you've got your own gallery of Convention 2008 photos and you'd like us to link to them,contact us with the URL and how you'd like it listed and we'll add it to the list.

Convention 2008 Information

Memory need refreshing of Convention 2008 activities? Check out these links:

We'll add more over the coming weeks. If you'd like to help add captions and/or identifying information to any of the photographs, please contact us with your interest!

Artist Trading Card Swap

One of the member-organized events at this year's convention was an Artist Trading Card swap. Read all about it (and see a gallery of pictures) here!