There are three main sales areas at the Origami Convention:

  • The Origami Source
  • Gold Mine / Silent Auction
  • Vendors

Please note that New York Sales Taxes are collected for all sales. Winning Silent Auction bids are not taxed since they are considered to be contributions.

The Origami Source

We bring The Origami Source to you! Our book and paper business that is normally available only on-line is available in person at the OrigamiUSA Convention. Browse through the books! Touch a sample of the paper! Choose from our wide assortment of books and papers and then buy and take them home with you that day. Meet the people who manage The Origami Source, Mike and Janet Hamilton.

You can plan your shopping by downloading and reviewing the latest version of the Source List, but shop early if you are looking for something specific.

To shop at The Source:

  • Browse in the sample room
  • Fill out an order form
  • Bring your completed form to the fulfillment area
  • Pay (Cash, Checks, Mastercard and Visa are accepted.)
  • Enjoy!

Naturally The Source gets crowded during the evenings and lunch periods (any time there are no classes). To mitigate this situation, you can leave your order in the fulfillment area and then pick up and pay later.

Or consider this alternative, new for 2010:

This year you may pre-order the books you would like to purchase at the Source by following this simple procedure:

  1. Place an online order at the Source.
  2. In the notes section, place a note stating you will pick the order up at convention.
  3. The order will be manually processed to remove any shipping charges BUT NYC tax will have to be added in (since you are picking it up at convention, local sales tax is applicable).
  4. Your credit card will be charged approximately 1 week prior to convention for the order.
  5. Show up at the Source during convention and pick up your completed order with no long lines!
  6. If you do not pick up your order at convention, the order will be shipped to you after convention and the shipping costs will be added to the order. Sales tax will be adjusted to reflect your shipping location.
  7. Please, no exchanges on pre-ordered books. Thank you.

We will also be having a special on Origami Collections - buy 2 get 1 free (lowest price copy is free) for selected years.

Gold Mine/Silent Auction

We'll have books and paper on sale at the Gold Mine, as well as memorabilia, plus contributions from members and businesses. Most of the books and paper are not available during the year at The Source, although there might be close-outs and discontinued items. We will also have Silent Auctions of objects and services (but not origami models). Please consider donating something for the Silent Auction or Gold Mine… everyone can participate and help benefit OrigamiUSA! If you've got extra origami-related stuff clogging your closet, send it in. If not, just get creative. Does your origami group have a t-shirt you can donate? What about a fabulous piece of washi paper? Can you get a bookstore chain to donate a gift certificate? How about creative folding aids - book holders, or clip-on book lights for late night folding? Help us make this a real success! Please don't send origami models, but just about anything else that's origami-related is fine. If you have any questions or suggestions, or are unsure about the suitability of your potential contribution, please write to us, and mark your envelope Convention '10 Gold Mine.


Vendors of origami jewelry, objects and other materials (other than books and paper) are encouraged to register and sell their handiwork at Origami Convention 2010 by renting a table in the Vendor Area. In order to sell, the vendor must be a member of OrigamiUSA and a paid attendee of the convention, and must pay a fee of $40 per 6' table per day. OrigamiUSA does not take any percentage of these sales.

Vendors who wish to sell books, paper, or special kits for their classes must consign them to be sold through the Gold Mine. You don't need to rent a table for these sales, but OrigamiUSA will collect all funds for materials sold through the Gold Mine, take a percentage, and send the balance to you after convention. If you wish to sell items through the Gold Mine, please contact us to discuss details at convention-vending [at]

For all vendor sales, the vendor must agree to comply with OrigamiUSA's copyright policy, and also agrees that the vendor's work sold at the convention will be non-political and suitable for a family audience. If you are unfamiliar with the copyright policy, please read it here. FIT has reminded us that they do not permit sales of materials except in the official Sales Areas, i.e., the Source, Gold Mine, and Vendor Area. To register as a Vendor and rent a table in the Vendor Area, please use the the on-line form or download the pdf and mail it to the office and mark your envelope Convention 2010 Vendor Form.

Hours for the Sales Areas:

  • Friday 7pm - 10pm
  • Saturday 10am - 8:30am
  • Sunday 10am - 6pm