The success of the OrigamiUSA Convention depends upon our volunteer teachers! If you teach at the Convention, you may be eligible for Priority Ticketing. Full details of how Priority Ticketing works are available at this page, or you can download this information here:

If you would like to teach, please register by May 23 so that we can plan the class schedule.

Remember that we must have the creators' permission to teach their designs, and that diagrams may be distributed only with permission from the diagrammer and creator.

If you have any questions, write to us, and mark your envelope Convention 2012 Teaching, or contact us at convention-teaching [at]

Register to Teach A Class

These forms are for those who know what they want to teach (at least approximately). If you don't know what you want to teach, please contact us at convention-teaching [at]

  • Online registration for Convention Teaching is now closed.
  • Mail-in registration for Convention Teaching is now closed.

Please note: if you sign up for teaching, you must also register for convention, even if you are not taking classes.

Show People What You're Going to Teach!

Brian Webb has started a Flickr Group for people to post pictures of what they're teaching (or, post-convention, what you folded!).

Information for Teachers

If you are planning (or considering) teaching a class at convention, please read through the information below to help plan your class, its level, and to insure a smooth and successful activity.